Adam’s Words

During the later part of 2015 we were invited to meet with Derby college with a view to providing some of there construction students an opportunity to gain valuable work experience and mentoring to help them to become more work ready.

As a company we have continually championed the need to train young learners in construction as we have highlighted on various occasion the skills shortage for both apprentices and skilled operatives right across the spectrum of building trades.
So when we looked at this opportunity it was one we felt we need to be involved in as we had so much we could offer and give back in terms of advise and knowledge which saw us for our Construction Skills Academy in conjunction with Derby College.

We instantly recognised that theses learners needed REAL work experience on REAL sites for REAL clients as this was the only way they would gain a wider insight in to the type of work they would be required to undertake on a day to day basis once they were no longer in the class room.

As a result of this we have provided our team a number of opportunities which has seen them rebuild a set of wind damaged dug outs at a local football stadium , erect fencing , build retaining walls , lay commercial paving and so on.

During the undertaking of these projects we encouraged all our students to take ownership of the individual tasks in an attempt to see them manage and deliver their own work load and I am pleased to report that with some level of mentoring they did this on time, on budget and to a standard by which the client was happy to pay.

In my opinion this is a major achievement and one the learners should be very proud of.


Adam Stevenson

The Project

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